A non-profit nation building initiative.
Why We Champion Women
Enabling women-led development through life coaching workshops
“Global Adjustments Foundation understands the holistic needs of our young women...”
Help a girl to say “I Can” when the world says “You can't”

Our Movement

Our Audience

We champion women, including Government and Corporate professionals, homepreneurs, nurses, police, soldiers, teachers…

Our Strategy

We offer women, lifecoaching focused on building their inner strength with the emphasis on mindful living

The Outcome

Our participants become emotionally balanced, confident communicators and overall, more productive citizens

Our Programs


Self confidence building, Academic excellence, Nurture values and ethics


Academic pursuit and career goal setting, Workplace readiness and team player, Building optimism and resiliency

Working Women

Self esteem and happiness, Work-life integration and Gender understanding, Health and Stress management


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Our Partners